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If you’re dreaming of creating a lifetime of memories on a beautiful deck, it’s time to invest in a design-build specialist that constructs outdoor spaces with high-quality materials.

An innovative deck project isn’t the job for a busy homeowner, or any ordinary contractor.

Backyard Creations, Inc. is your partner in creating an outdoor living paradise. Since 1996, we’ve specialized in designing & building thousands of custom decks, patios, and pergolas for homeowners throughout southern New England

Outdoor Living Space Construction

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Who We Service

At Backyard Creations, we seamlessly bridge the gap between homeowners and contractors, offering our expertise to create stunning decks that elevate outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner envisioning your dream deck or a contractor seeking a reliable partner for your projects, we cater to both.

For homeowners, our team collaborates closely, understanding your unique preferences, lifestyle, and design aspirations to craft a personalized outdoor retreat. Contractors benefit from our professional approach, efficient project management, and commitment to delivering top-notch results.

Backyard Creations stands as a versatile ally, ensuring that the synergy between homeowners and contractors results in beautifully crafted decks that exceed expectations. Let us be the connective thread that transforms visions into reality, providing a seamless and satisfying experience for all involved.

Outdoor Living Space Construction

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